◆Market demand outlook


Future wood industry development prospects will continue to prosper, expected annual overall demand is expected to more than 2 million units, which 5500 million sets of commercial housing demand for wooden doors, security real wood door needs 50 million sets, the stock of housing secondary decoration wooden doors demand nearly 50 million sets, rural and engineering self real wood door needs about 40 million sets, exports of wooden doors demand more than 10 million sets.


◆Brand development trend


At present, China's wood industry has from a traditional handicraft industry, the development of a an important industry in the continuous emergence of a mechanization production, continuously improve the technical content, the well-known brand, with countries of building decoration product quality attention, consumer brand awareness of the tree, domestic wood market gradually to brand competition ahead.
By enhance the technical level, to strengthen the quality of management, to increase investment in advertising and marketing, the wooden doors of the industry leading enterprise in the brand advantage gradually, driven industry of the whole competition level rising, wooden doors of the industry has initially formed a corporate brand, and promote the development of innovation and development trend


◆Business process


1, has a certain financial strength, good personal reputation, business reputation, rich business experience, a higher overall quality.
2, good brand management ability, meet an identity of reality door job marketing policy and the special distribution of other conditions stipulated in the contract;
3, a reasonable location of the shop, a fixed place of business.
4, the legitimate business operators.
5, full of entrepreneurial passion, forward-looking vision and cooperation spirit
6, good after-sales service management capabilities, independent installation team, able to independently deal with customer complaints and disputes.
7, joining in to join in to have a good and more extensive social relations
8, good regional management ability, can coordinate with the market operation of the corresponding advertising strategy.
9, must be determined in the industry, with the courage to open up, not the spirit of hard.
10, according to the legal authorization to use SUNPAI door ownership within the scope of trademark, technology, documentation, order prints and a variety of packaging.
11, strictly abide by the rules and regulations of the franchise to accept the management and supervision.